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Editing is a correction of the text in terms of content, and in terms of speech design, and in terms of logic and of presentation of thoughts. Undoubtedly, editing as well as proofreading is the necessary step in the process of creating any good article and an essential part of any written task. When you edit your essay, your work improves. And thanks to this seemingly insignificant point, you can achieve success in your academic career.

A well-edited paper is characterized by simple reading, clarity, and consistency. Since grammatical and spelling errors, like long and complex sentences, can make it difficult to read your writing. And the inconsistency in the narrative can even confuse the reader and force you to your work off.

There are a lot of nuances in the design of academic paper: fonts, margins, annotation volume, paragraph indentation, indentation between separate sections of the article, features of providing data to authors, the name of the files to be sent because only the article is not always sent. Drawings, tables, lists, features of translations of annotations, keywords, data on authors, features of the design of the list of literature, references, etc.

In addition, for each work, there are standards and certain formatting rules that your work must match, for example: the specified word limit; level of academic writing; the need to present the material in a specific, logical order; as well as the necessary standards in spelling, abstracting and grammar, correct abbreviations, font type and style, indents and alignment, page numbering, headers and footers, intervals, etc.

There are a lot of academic papers that may need to be well checked and optimized by a professional essay editing and proofreading service. Among them are:

  • Essays
  • Term papers
  • Thesis
  • Presentations
  • Articles for scientific magazines
  • Reviews
  • Annotations
  • Application for a grant
  • And even emails to your professor!
And each of them has its own requirements and design standards. Thus, for example, annotations are checked for compliance with the set goals and objectives and conclusions. Articles for magazines are edited in accordance with the quality of the language, stylistics, etc. Also, articles are edited in accordance with the requirements of a particular magazine in which you want to be published.

Therefore, the demand for professional editing services from an experienced editor will only help you.

Whom can I ask to edit my college essay?

College essay has its own requirements for the design and formatting (APA or MLA). And having passed only one of the requirements, even such a small one as a colon instead of a point, without adding a bold font where necessary and vice versa, adding it where it could not be used in the first place, first of all, precious time is wasted. Not to mention the fact that poorly edited paper will reduce the likelihood that the work will produce the proper positive impression. And we all know well how important the first impression is. This is especially important for research papers, dissertations and other works of this kind. For instance, a thesis that is poorly represented does not inspire confidence. A candidate whose thesis contains errors in formatting, errors in references, inconsistencies in chapter headings or capitalization, errors in figures or tables, or pagination problems, risk increasing the level of fatigue and caution of examiners. It makes sense to judge the sympathy of the examiners, making your work as attractive as possible. So, not to produce such a poor paper, you need to have it attentively edited and proofread.

At Edupapersforsale.org, we have employed the best academic editors who are working to ensure that your meaning is expressed as clearly and concisely as possible. At the same time, the editor or proofreader does not change the content of your essay. Instead, it improves the logic and flow of the letter, making sure that all ideas and arguments are expressed perfectly.

Main English academic writing styles

In English academic writing, there are four main styles: APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Each of them has a special purpose of writing, as well as its own characteristics.

  • MLA (Modern Language Association)

This style developed by the Association of Modern Languages is used by scholars, publishers of journals, academic and commercial press, usually in the humanities. The MLA also prescribes certain rules for citing scientific papers. Using MLA recommendations for citation, authors can avoid accusations of plagiarism.

  • APA (American Psychological Association)

This style of the American Psychological Association is used to design citations and sources – in psychology, education, social sciences. It used by many medical journals. Guidelines for the publication of the American Psychological Association contains recommendations on the organization and structure of the article, the formulation of citations, footnotes, tables.

  • Chicago citation

It determines the specifics of the preparation and publication of works in terms of formatting and citation. It is used in some socio-scientific publications and in most historical journals. With the exception of small differences, the Turabian style is the same as the Chicago citation style used in literature, history, and art.

  • Harvard style

Harvard or author-date style is the most common in the humanities and social sciences. It is used in academic publications.

Finally: Difference between Editing and Proofreading

To start with, both are a set of all corrections and changes made with the author’s original edition (college essays, books, articles, etc.). Proofreading involves the performance of such work as the elimination of grammatical and punctuation errors and typos, editing the technical side of the text. Editing, in turn, involves working at a deep level. The editor must understand the content of the paper, as well as the thoughts and feelings of the author. As a rule, due to the complexity of the work, editing an essay takes more time than proofreading. So, for example, the editor will have to rewrite a complex sentence, retaining the meaning and eliminating the stylistic errors of the text. For example, dividing it into 2 small sentences. And the corrector’s task is to correct spelling, lexical and punctuation mistakes, without changing the sense and style of the article. And this is why professional essay editing offered by us is what you may need ASAP to get an A+ with your essay.

So, don’t waste your time and ask a reliable essay proofreading service to help with your paper right now. Our professional editors can start working on your paper right after you have submitted it.