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Why writing a college term paper can be such a task for every student so much that one might look for buying it? These can be a lack of time, lack of knowledge on the chosen discipline, research and sources limitation or issues related with Academic English writing rules and citation formats. Academic English writing may be challenging for students as there are no universal standards within the educational system so that universities may develop their criteria to asses students’ works. The most typical problems which students may face during the course when writing a term paper are the following.

Unique topic to choose

Most students put a lot of efforts to develop and organize their time to decide which theme to prepare, how to build a coherent and robust thesis statement, and which evidence to use to support their topic. These three components are the core issues of the work, as a well-prepared outline is a key to success.

Source credibility and accessibility

Even though that your thesis and main idea are clear for the students, such academic writing type requires to use credible and reliable sources to support students’ ideas. No doubts that universities’ libraries have access to magazines, articles, books, and scientific works; thus, some topics require to conduct outside research and use additional materials. There are numerous databases, libraries, and organizations which offer scientific works and studies from all over the world; however, unfortunately, they are all paid or require the subscription from a student. Such a situation makes evidence search more challenging, as the Internet full of decisive sources, where information cannot be trusted.

Format and proper citation

There are various formats which are used not only by particularly taken university but also by separately taken discipline. Technical writing, MBA works, law reports, literature reviews, and memorandums, all require the use of different formatting styles, what makes the final stage of paper preparation more complicated than the work writing process. Besides, each source should be cited appropriately with the use of commas, hyphens, spaces, and font. Some citation formats even require footnotes and endnotes, which also have specific standards for representation. It can be stated that more than half of the students admitted that citation and formatting was the most challenging part of their term paper writing process and the reason why they lost some points.


The issue with copy-pasting and strict regulations about students’ works authentic and unique rates are the common fact among the students. The high rate of paper uniqueness and severe punishments for plagiarism threaten students from the beginning of their studies. Stress to be dismissed because of the plagiarism, uncertainty about Turnitin or similar software functions and rules have an adverse effect on students and their assignments. Moreover, the improper citation or idea representation may also be counted as copy-pasting or paraphrase so that double-checking of the writing costs students time and efforts.

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